Digital platform taking direct food trade between food producers and chefs mainstream — on nature’s premises. www.dagens.farm
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About Dagens

www.dagens.farm Dagens is a digital platform for direct trade between food producers and professional buyers. The food supply chain is still dominated by a handful of gatekeepers with highly centralized market power, disempowering both food producers and buyers, diminishing soil, animal health, biodiversity, ecosystems and fair wages. We believe that a new food system is needed to combat these global challenges - a food system that is transparent, resilient, and based on direct trade. With this as the challenge to tackle, the seed of Dagens was sown - a technology-driven company giving the power back to those who make the food and those who buy the food. Proximity between producers and buyers (e.g. chefs) is one of the key drivers behind Dagens. Direct trade is the heart of our business. Buyers get direct access to unique and sustainable food, that they can trust the source of, and that is realistically priced. What is bought is what's delivered. Be it hand-dived scallops form the Northern shores of Norway, foraged wild plants in season, or biodynamic asparagus from Lolland-Falster, you will always know who you are trading with at Dagens, and how much of the price you pay they're left with.


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