Seed to Fork Vol1 — Collaborative planning between producers and chefs

150 producers and chefs gathered at Bon Lio.
Seaweed from The Northern Company, producer at Dagens.
The producers participating in Seed to Fork did not only bring their planning insights for 2020, but also the produce for all the dishes and drinks team Bon Lio, Eff Eff, Kolonihagen Frogner and Very Agency served in a true ‘dugnad’ manner.
Maximo Graesse, CEO Dagens.
Organic farmer Heinrich Jung, who recently won the main award at Matprisen this November for being a front-runner in organic agriculture, and for his strong focus on animal welfare.
Cato Wara, head chef and owner of Bon Lio
Kathrine Kinn, farmer and deputy leader of the Norwegian farmer and smallholder organization ‘Bonde & Småbrukerlaget’.
Producers and chefs discussing what to grow and produce throughout the year.
The chefs at Arakataka planning with Siv at ‘Fiori Blomster’ organic flowers.



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Digital platform taking direct food trade between food producers and chefs mainstream — on nature’s premises.